Orsys is a leading DSP and mixed-signal systems supplier. We specialize in time-critical signal-processing hardware and software solutions. We have extensive DSP, FPGA and MSP experience and as a Texas Instruments Third Party, we are able to provide excellent support for nearly all fields of real-time DSP applications and advanced system designs.

Besides the micro-line® embedded DSP-board family, Orsys offers innovative hardware and software development services for customer-specific applications, based on the latest DSP, FPGA and communication technologies in order to achieve high performance and high quality solutions.

1. Integration Services

Use Orsys integration services for your special system requirements:

intensive customer consultation
micro-line® DSP or micro-line® I/O peripheral off-the-shelf boards to meet your requirements
specific software development to perfectly adapt your needs
excellent technical support for system installation and maintenance
low cost strategies and delivery on schedule

2. Custom Hardware and Software

Orsys will assist you with a completely new and individual hardware and software design :

outstanding customer project consultation
low cost strategies and delivery on schedule
high-tech DSP, FPGA and peripheral solution development services
advanced software programming
prototyping system development and manufacturing
manufacturing series systems for your application
system maintenance
CE approval