The Engineering office Orth was founded by Martin Orth with the goal to meet the needs of DSP developers. Much of the early work was spent to develop the micro-line® embedded processor boards based on Texas Instruments DSPs. The target was to provide DSP developers the ideal platform for implementing DSP functionality into various applications, combined with system consulting and development services. The Orsys modular micro-line® board concept allows to combine different DSP platforms with various I/O modules like Analog Data Acquisition or digital I/O of the micro-line® board family.

Emerging Projects:

For the MIR '97 Mission, the engineering office Orth developed a Human Medical Experiment. Based on the micro-line® C32CPU, Orsys developed a peripheral I/O board for Near-Infra-Red (NIR) Diagnostic. In 1997, the German MIR Mission performed a set of human physiology experiments in space with this device. The goal was to record parameters like pulse frequency, blood volume flow, cardiovascular parameters and micro-circulation dynamics of the skin. This device was in operation until the last days of MIR.