In 1997, Orsys started as an embedded IEEE 1394 pioneer and today looks back on many successful IEEE1394 OEM design-ins and projects for industrial, automotive, medical, telecom, aerospace, military and other applications.

By combining with Unibrain´s PC-based IEEE 1394 solutions, Orsys provides multiple prooved, state-of-the-art embedded- to PC connections. This combination is used in many applications and is established as a highly reliable, powerful, very flexible and future-aligned embedded- to PC connection.      

Today, Orsys provides three basic embedded IEEE 1394 solution approaches which cover most of the OEM market´s needs, depending on individual requirements like embedded processor compatibility, formfactor, additional processing- or FPGA- resources, cost sensitivity, etc.

The three IEEE 1394 solution approaches can be described as follows:

1. micro-line® peripheral board approach:
The micro-line® SC1394xx boards are highly flexible IEEE 1394 interface boards equipped with the latest Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 silicon, state-of-the-art programmable logic hardware and powerful isochronous transmit and receive FIFOs. Micro-line® SC1394xx boards do not support an onboard processor. Due to this property, SC1394xx boards can be combined with various embedded processor types like DSPs, microcontrollers or microprocessors. IEEE 1394 software stacks are available from Orsys for most of the Texas Instruments DSP families. Software compilations for other processors are possible after consultation with Orsys.

2. micro-line® Compact board approach with DSP and FPGA:
The micro-line® CxxxxCompact boards with integrated IEEE 1394 are highly flexible systems equipped with the latest Texas Instruments IEEE1394 silicon, as well as very powerful DSP- and FPGA- technology on a single board. This combination fits excellent to various embedded needs where huge pre- and main- processing-power, lots of I/O resources and plenty of interfacing capabilities are required. The necessary IEEE 1394 software stack- and FPGA- libraries are provided with the micro-line®  CxxxxCompact boards.  

3. ultra-compact MCM approach with DSP and FPGA:
The ultra-compact UC1394xx multi-chip-modules (MCM) with integrated IEEE 1394 are extreme small and highly flexible IEEE 1394 interface modules in SMT pinout. They are equipped with the latest Texas Instruments IEEE1394 silicon, as well as DSP- and FPGA- technology at a high processing performance and an exceptional price-to-performance ratio. The main intention of the ultra-compact UC1394xx approach is to offer easy-to-use, plug-and-play products that fully isolate IEEE 1394 protocol details from the user. This is possible by an onboard IEEE 1394 firmware installation that allows to "tunnel" IEEE 1394 data to a 16 Bit data streaming hardware interface. Several board support packages allow further individual or standardized plug-and-play solutions like IEEE 1394 DCAM camera interfacing, IEEE 1394 harddisk operation or individual IEEE 1394 networking off the shelf. 


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