2 differential input channels, each 250 ksps, 2 differential output channels, each 100 ksps, 12 - 14 Bit analog data I/O system

(jpeg-file, 16 x 12 cm,
150 dpi, 163 K)
high-speed 2-channel IN / 2 channel OUT data I/O system
all analog front end parameters like amplification, offset and anti alias filter frequency are software programmable and on-board storable
no potentiometers or switches used
full parallel ADC sampling
extension from 4, 6, 8... to 14 I/O-channel parallel sampling possible when using several ADA2-212 boards
external hardware triggering possible
replacement of the 12 Bit ADC by a 14-bit ADC possible
Technical Data
Board Definition micro-line® ADA2-212
Analog inputs 2-channel analog inputs in a signal range of +10 mV and +10 V with offset voltages of up to ± 10 V
Input resistance 20 kOhm
Analog outputs 2-channel analog outputs in a signal range of +10 mV and +10 V with offset voltages of up to ± 10 V
Output resistance 20 Ohm
Anti-Alias-Filter SCF Butterworth low-pass filter of 8th order, 48 dB attenuation/octave

corner-frequency software adjustable between < 1 Hz and 50 kHz with 16 Bit resolution

corner-frequency additionally hardware adjustable up to 200 kHz by soldering bridges

SCF filter can be bypassed
Triggering continuous operation

software triggering

external hardware triggering
System Interface micro-line® bus
ADC AD7862, successive approximation 12 bit, parallel 2 x 250 ksps, low power
Or AD7863, successive approximation 14 bit, parallel 2 x 250 ksps, low power
DAC AD7247, 12 bit, 10 us settling time (2 x 100 kHz rectangle possible), low power
ADC FIFO buffering 512 samples FIFO, processor interrupt-triggering when first FIFO entry or when FIFO is half full
Dimensions 120 mm x 67 mm
Features several possibilities for hardware and software triggering

full parallel synchronous operation of several ADA2-212 in one system

E2PROM for resident storage of software programmed front-end settings and adjustments

external expansion possibilities via serial I2C-Bus

software support for TI DSPs
Applications general-purpose multi-channel analog measurement and controlling

zero-phase-error multi-channel analog measurement

external hardware-triggered multi-channel analog measurement
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micro-line® ADA2-212

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