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DSP software development for the micro-line C6713CPU DSP / FPGA platform.  

all necessary hardware included
micro-line PowerSupply board allows convenient operation on the desk
micro-line busmaster BSP allows to connect individual peripherals
board library provides easy access to board-specific hardware
application examples included as projects and source code
supports DSP/BIOS and Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments


The DSP Development Kit
The DSP Development Kit is the perfect entry platform for software development on the micro-line C6713CPU. The kit includes all necessary hardware. A board library provides easy access functions to on-board hardware. The micro-line bus master BSP implements a peripheral interface in the FPGA for glueless connection of peripheral components and customized peripheral boards. Documentation and application examples show how to create new projects from scratch as well as how to use the on-board hardware. The integrated flash file system handles storage and booting of DSP applications and FPGA designs, so that no complicated flash programming is necessary.

micro-line Busmaster BSP Included
The micro-line busmaster BSP is the default board support package for the C6713CPU. It consists of an FPGA design with associated software. The BSP shows how to use the FPGA by adding a peripheral interface, a baud-rate programmable UART and programmable clock outputs to the basic function of the C6713CPU. Based on the DSP's highly flexible external memory interface (EMIF), the peripheral interface provides seven individual chip select spaces for glueless connection of external devices. The UART provides FIFO-buffered, baud-rate programmable RS-232 communication with hardware (RTS/CTS) handshake and baud rates up to 1Mbaud. Programmable clock outputs provide a clock source for external hardware, eliminating the need for a separate oscillator. Additionally, the micro-line busmaster BSP enables access to the HPI by controlling the HPI data bus driver.

What if
the micro-line Busmaster BSP isn't Sufficient?
For such cases, FPGA development is supported by an optional FPGA Development Package. Besides other features, it includes the micro-line busmaster FPGA as a project, so that it can be modified and expanded by the customer. Customized FPGA designs can then be used in the DSP Development Kit just like the default micro-line busmaster FPGA.

Software Development Tools
For software development, Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments is required. This powerful development environment provides extensive software resources, such as DSP/BIOS and a chip support library for the TMS320C6713. Further, it supports very comfortable debugging when using a JTAG emulator. Data can then be displayed in real time by TI's real-time data exchange (RTDX). When not using an emulator, applications can be created and tested using the simulator configuration of Code Composer Studio. All examples and source code included in the DSP Development Kit were created and tested with Code Composer Studio so that they can readily be used by the customer. For evaluation, a time-limited version of Code Composer Studio is available from Texas Instruments.

A Member of the micro-line Family
The C6713CPU is a member of the successful micro-line family. This means small size for an affordable price. Complete systems can be built by combining the micro-line C6713CPU with micro-line peripheral boards. The standard 0.1'' connectors allow rapid and easy prototyping. The micro-line PowerSupply allows convenient operation on the desk during development. After development has finished, the micro-line C6713CPU can simply be plugged into a customized carrier board.


Technical Data

EVM-kit includes:

Cost efficient, high performance 32 bit floating point DSP board with Xilinx SPARTAN 3 FPGA
3.3V power supply for the digital system

Mechanical system platform
Accessories micro-line busmaster Board Support Package

Documentation for all system components

Source code and application examples

RS-232 cable and USB to RS-232 converter

JTAG adapter for connecting Texas Instruments emulators and Xilinx JTAG download cables

External 230 V plug-in power supply adapter
(replaceable by 110 V adapter)




To view documentation:
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micro-line C6713CPU DSP Development Kit User's Guide (Revision 1.1)
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micro-line C6713CPU Hardware Reference Guide (Revision 1.1)
PDF 1.0 Mbyte

micro-line C6713CPU Busmaster Board Support Package User Guide (Revision 1.1)
PDF 1.1 Mbyte

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