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Development platform for building DCAM / IIDC-1394 compliant cameras with the UC1394a-3 ultra-small DSP / FPGA / IEEE1394 module

accepts 8 or 16 bit parallel input data from an image sensor
acts as a fully compliant IIDC-1394 digital camera on the IEEE1394 side
minimal space requirements
includes all hardware and licenses to begin development
large set of interfaces for individual image sensor control available
FPGA-based image sensor control possible
fully compliant to IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera Specification V1.30


The DCAM Camera Development Kit
This development kit is the perfect solution to add an IIDC-1394 compliant interface to an existing camera. It includes all necessary hardware and accessories to start development. The UC1394a-1 multi-chip-module (MCM) is mounted on a small carrier for easier handling. Standard 0.1'' connectors allow quick and easy creation of prototypes. The DCAM Camera API handles all IEEE1394 communication and IIDC-1394 protocol handling. It provides user callback functions that are called whenever the camera is accessed and that translate the IIDC-1394 commands into sensor-specific control commands. The image data itself is transmitted without any software required, allowing transfer rates of up to 32MByte/s. A large set of interfaces is available for image sensor control:
- I2C
- 2 multi-channel buffered serial ports (McBSP) for nearly any kind of serial interface
- a UART for RS-232 communication (uses 3.3V signal levels)
- digital I/O pins(alternatively usage of on-chip DSP interfaces)
- a 8-bit host port interface for connection to microcontrollers

DCAM Camera BSP Included
The kit contains the UC1394a-1 DCAM Camera Board Support Package. This BSP consists of an FPGA design for high-speed digital image data input and associated software. The BSP further implements a peripheral interface that can be used for image sensor control or other purposes.

What if the Camera BSP isn't Sufficient?
Image sensors often need special signals for clocking and framing. Such signals or other user-defined interfaces can be implemented by using an optional FPGA development package. The development package includes the original FPGA design as a development project, so that the image data transfer part can be kept while adding new interfaces.

Carrier Board for Easier Handling
In the DCAM Camera Development Kit the UC1394a-1 is mounted on a carrier board for easier handling during development. The carrier board adds all necessary hardware for operation of the kit. A switching-mode regulator supplies the MCM from the IEEE1394 cable and can optionally also supply the image sensor. The same regulator can alternatively be powered from a local supply connected to the DC input connector. A level converter translates the UART signals into RS-232 level. 6-pin IEEE1394 connectors provide the connection to the PC (IIDC-1394 interface, power supply). Software development tools can connect to the MCM over the JTAG connector (using a JTAG emulator and/or FPGA JTAG download cables). Finally, all MCM connectors are available on standard 0.1'' connectors, so that prototypes can be built very quickly without building a carrier PCB first.


Technical Data

The DCAM Camera Development
Kit includes:

Core device in Multi Chip Module (MCM) technology

small carrier
Carrier board with the UC1394a-3 MCM mounted on it
Accessories UC1394a-3 DCAM Camera Board Support Package

UC1394a-3 DCAM Camera API and application examples

Documentation for all system components

IEEE 1394 cable, 2m 6-pin to 6-pin

RS-232 cable with adapter for small carrier usage

JTAG adapter for direct connection of JTAG emulators (DSP) and JTAG download cables (FPGA)

External 100..240 V power supply adapter

Technical documents:

To view
technical documents:Download Acrobat Reader

DCAM Camera Development Kit User's Guide

PDF 997 KByte

DCAM Camera API User's Guide

ultra-compact small carrier user's guide
(Rev. 1.2)
PDF 281 KByte

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