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Ready-to-use Parallel Bus to IEEE 1394a Bridge using the UC1394a-3 Multi Chip Module. No additional software development required.  

directly connects an 8/16 bit parallel streaming bus to IEEE 1394 (FireWire®)
additionally connects an 8 bit parallel host port to IEEE 1394 (FireWire®)
supports further auxiliary connections like RS232 and digital I/O pins to IEEE 1394
enables to run an embedded IEEE 1394a data streaming solution in just one day
flexible setup of interface and communication parameters by a configuration utility
allows streaming data transfer rates up to 32 Mbyte/s
built-in diagnostic and error detection- unit guarantees 1394 network reliability
allows embedded to PC as well as embedded to embedded communications
PC-side SDK with C++ class library, API and demo application included
all communication is abstracted by an easy-to-use virtual connection protocol


The Parallel Bus to 1394 Bridging Kit
This kit is the perfect entry platform for applications that need to transmit time critical data on parallel bus hardware level within embedded point-to-point connections, within distributed networks, or between embedded systems and PCs. The main advantage is that the user does not need to care about IEEE 1394 details since there is no user software development necessary. The UC1394a-3 can be considered like a simple device, just transmitting or receiving any data between an IEEE 1394 network and its transmit- or receive- FIFOs. Setting up and storing the required interface and communication parameters of the virtual connections is managed by a separate PC-based configuration tool over an RS232 interface. Configuration over IEEE1394 is also provided. Up to 63 devices can be managed within the same network.
The ease of use of this kit makes it very comfortable for IEEE 1394 beginners, as well as for all who don't want to care about networking details, but who want to focus on their total system solution as a priority.  


Ready-to-use Streaming BSP Included
The kit contains the "UC1394a-3 Streaming BSP". This Board Support Package is necessary to run the IEEE 1394 network as a "black box". The combination of this BSP and the UC1394a-3 module is all that is needed to run the Parallel Bus to 1394 Bridging solution.


PC-side Software Development also Included

The kit also includes a PC-side SDK that is optimized for operation with UC1394a-x multi chip modules. A demo application allows to upstream or downstream data from/to UC1394a-x devices. On PC-side the data can, for example, be provided by a data file or can be written to a data file. Additionally, there are Auxiliary Virtual Connections supported which allow RS232 tunneling, pin I/O tunneling etc. over IEEE 1394.
If individual application software on the PC side is required, then the SDK provides a C++ class library and a user-mode API. All communication to the UC1394a-x is handled by virtual connections, therefore no 1394-specific programming is needed. Application programmers can access the UC1394a-3 on an abstract level using the C++ class library. The class library provides objects for all of the UC1394a-3's interfaces. This allows fast, reliable individual system solutions with a minimum of development effort. Source code examples for accessing each interface are included in the SDK.
The included PC-side virtual connection SDK is a limited version. It supports all operational features, but is runtime limited to 2 hours from PC boot. The unlimited version can be ordered from Orsys after the first experiences have been leading to success. All PC-side software is capable to run on any standard PC with standard IEEE 1394a OHCI chipsets (e.g. TI, VIA etc.) under Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP or later. 

Carrier Board for Easy Prototyping
The UC1394a-3 MCM is mounted on a carrier board for easier handling. The carrier board provides all necessary hardware components to run the MCM, including power supply over the IEEE1394 cable. Additionally, all MCM signals are available on standard 0.1'' connectors to allow quick setup of prototype systems. The carrier schematics are included in the kit, so that migration to a customized PCB is very easy.


Technical Data

The Parallel Bus
to 1394 Bridging
Kit includes:

Core device in Multi Chip Module (MCM) technology

Small Carrier
Carrier board for the UC1394a-3 MCM. Contains all hardware necessary for operation. Carrier schematics are also provided to allow easy design of customized boards.

Can be mounted onto individual prototype boards by using standard 0.1'' connectors

Accessories UC1394a-3 Streaming BSP

Configuration utility software for the UC1394a-x MCM series, running on a PC

PC-side IEEE 1394 virtual connection SDK, as well as application examples for data streaming and using the auxiliary  interfaces included (2 h runtime limited version)

Documentation for all system components

IEEE 1394 cable, 4.5m 6-pin to 6-pin

RS 232 cable

External 230 V plug-in power supply adapter
(replaceable by 110 V adapter)



To view documentation:
Download Acrobat Reader
UC1394a-3 Bridging Kit User Guide (Rev. 1.0)
PDF 1.4 MByte

UC1394a-3 Bridge User Guide (MCM standalone)
(Rev. 1.0)
PDF 2.7 MByte

ultra-compact small carrier user's guide
(Rev. 1.2)
PDF 281 KByte

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