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Ultra small IEEE1394 DCAM Video Frame Capture solution, based on the UC1394a-1 Multi Chip Module. Individual customer software development supported.  

directly interfaces any IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera (DCAM) to embedded software programmers
allows individual image processing by onboard DSP and 8 MByte Video RAM
includes IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera (DCAM) software driver
allows further asynchronous IEEE 1394 data communication to other IEEE 1394 bus members parallel to IEEE 1394 camera operation
enables individual I/O connectivity by onboard hardware interfaces like parallel 16 bit DSP Bus, RS232, McBSPs, I2C, USB 1.1, ADCs, digital I/O pins, etc
fully compliant to IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera Specification V1.30


The DCAM Video Frame Capture Development Kit
This development kit is the perfect entry platform for embedded video imaging programmers who need to connect an IEEE 1394 DCAM camera and develop their specific DSP application software. This allows both, to control the camera and to perform individual video processing.
As a host system hardware I/O interface, this solution provides the parallel DSP EMIF bus, including databus, addressbus, decoded chip select lines, read and write strobe lines, interrupt lines etc. This easily allows glueless I/O connectivity of the Multi Chip Module. Further I/O interfaces like UART, McBSPs, USB 1.1 etc allow a variety of system interfacing alternatives, depending on the specific needs. The comfortable use of this kit makes it suitable for system engineers who want to focus on their total system solution as a priority and who want to get an ultra-small embedded IEEE 1394 video solution being realized with a minimum of time and effort.

IEEE 1394a-1 BSP included
The kit contains the "UC1394a-1 DSP Master BSP" together with the "UC1394a-1 DCAM API" software driver. This Board Support Package combination is required to run the IEEE 1394 DCAM camera as a "black box", just being accessed by the software DCAM API. Furthermore, it connects the parallel DSP EMIF bus to external I/O pins. The solution additionally provides an RS232 interface and a number of software programmable digital I/O pins. If individual hardware connectivity for the own application is required then an optional FPGA development package is available which allows developers to design and implement their own hardware system connectivity. As an additional customer service, Orsys provides development services for customer specific FPGA designs and software applications.

A part of the micro-lineŽ family
The carrier board used in the kit is compatible with the micro-lineŽ product family. Therefore it is optionally possible to connect the kit with an additional micro-lineŽ board. That combination quickly allows to expand the system to an off-the-shelf solution.


Technical Data

The Streaming Development
Kit includes:

Core device in Multi Chip Module (MCM) technology

Carrier board, contains the soldered UC1394a-1 MCM

Onboard FPGA for optional individual I/O signal pin routing

micro-lineŽ peripheral form factor

5V power supply for the digital system

Mechanical system platform
Accessories UC1394a-1 DSP Master Board Support Package

UC1394a-1 DCAM API software driver with application example

Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera

Documentation for all system components

IEEE 1394 cable, 2m 6-pin to 6-pin

RS 232 cable

JTAG adapter for direct Texas Instruments TMS320C5000 and Xilinx Spartan 2 development tools connectivity

External 100..240 V power supply adapter


To view documentation:
Download Acrobat Reader

UC1394a-1 DCAM Frame Capture Kit User Guide (Revision 1.0)
PDF 1.0MByte

UC1394a-1 DCAM Frame Capture API User Guide

UC1394a-1 DSP Master BSP User Guide (Revision 2.1)
PDF 1.8MByte

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