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DCAM / IIDC 1394 frame grabber for the UC1394a-3 ultra small DSP / FPGA / IEEE1394 platform. Individual customer software development supported.

all necessary hardware and licenses included
fully compliant with the IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera Specification V1.3
supports all DCAM features, such as brightness, gain, white balance, etc.
supports all DCAM formats and video modes, including partial image (format 7)
4MB SDRAM for storing / processing image data
FPGA based image pre-processing possible
DSP on-chip and FPGA-based interfaces for connectivity to external hardware
fully IEEE 1394a compliant, fully interoperable with IEEE1394b
application examples included
carrier PCB allows convenient operation on the desk
allows further asynchronous IEEE 1394 data communication to other IEEE 1394 bus members parallel to IEEE 1394 camera operation


The DCAM Video Frame Capture Development Kit
The DCAM Frame Capture Development Kit combines the features of the UC1394a-3 with software support for industrial digital cameras. The result is a development environment where the user can focus on his application rather than dealing with IEEE1394 details. The Kit uses the DSP Master FPGA design for high-speed transfer of image data to the DSP or SDRAM. Full camera control and access to all DCAM features s provided by the DCAM Frame Capture API. Processing results and control/status information can be communicated to external hardware over a variety of interfaces:
- McBSP (DSP on-chip, highly flexible multi-channel buffered serial ports)
- I2C (DSP on-chip)
- 8-bit host port (DSP on-chip)
- 16-bit peripheral interface (FPGA-based interface)
- RS-232 (DSP on-chip)
- Customized interfaces in the FPGA (requires optional FPGA development package)

DCAM Frame Capture API
The DCAM Frame CaptureAPI allows to control one or more digital cameras. After initialization, available cameras are located on the IEEE1394 bus. A handle to the camera is assigned when opening a specific camera. Then, the camera is accessed using this handle. Typically, features and settings of the camera are queried and modified, then the camera is started. Data transfer of image data to SDRAM is given as source code, so that the user can optimize the data transfer to his needs (e.g. number of frames to be stored in memory, etc.).

Convenient Operation During Development
For operating the UC1394a-3 during development, the UC1394a-3 is mounted on a small carrier board. This carrier board provides all necessary hadrdware that is required to run the UC1394a-3 on the desk, such as IEEE1394 connectors, power supply, RS-232 level converter, reset button, etc. Also included is the ability to supply a connected camera over the IEEE1394 cable. The carrier can easily be plugged into individual prototype boards by using standard 0.1'' connectors. The schematics of the carrier PCB are included and can be used for design of customized carrier PCBs. After development has finished, the UC1394a-3 MCM is typically soldered directly on a customized PCB. However, it can also be purchased readily mounted on the carrier.


Technical Data

The DCAM Video Frame Capture Development Kit includes:

Core device in Multi Chip Module (MCM) technology

Small Carrier
Carrier board with UC1394a-3 MCM mounted on it.
Accessories UC1394a-3 DSP Master Board Support Package

UC1394a-3 DCAM Frame Capture API

Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera

Documentation for all system components

Application examples

IEEE 1394 cable, 2m 6-pin to 6-pin

RS 232 cable with adapter for small carrier usage

JTAG adapter for connecting Texas Instruments emulators and Xilinx JTAG download cables

External 100..240 V power supply adapter


Development tools

Code Composer Studio
USB JTAG emulator
Parallel port JTAG emulator


To view documentation:
Download Acrobat Reader

UC1394a-3 DCAM Frame Capture Kit User Guide

PDF 943 KByte

UC1394a-3 DCAM Frame Capture API User Guide

UC1394a-3 DSP Master BSP User Guide

PDF 919 KByte

ultra-compact small carrier user's guide
(Rev. 1.2)
PDF 281 KByte

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